ball control, endurance, agility
Speed Ball for ultimate ball control build your ball control and ball handling skills today!
build up athletic agility and soccer ball control with kwik kik speedball soccer drill excersiceAgility
Agility means readily able to move quickly and easily, lightness and swiftness of action. The Kwik Kik Speed Ball exercises assure agile movement of the body.
soccer endurance excersice and ball control soccer drillEndurance
The workout of the Kwik Kik Speed Ball will increase your endurance level, Aerobically it is as effective as running or rope jumping but with added benefits. Hand and ankle weights make Kwik Kik truly an overall body conditioner.

Fine Ball Control
Although it isn't necessary to chase the ball down the field as in regular soccer practice, the running motion while training on the Kwik Kik Speed Ball with its quick ball return, teaches the body to react to the stimulus in a similar manner as when in actual field play. Due to the pendulum action of the Kwick Kik Speed Ball, foot contact is made at bottom of swing. In actual field play height of the ball could vary from 1-3 inches depending upon turf thickness. The Kwick Kik is not designed to help a player learn to kick the ball far or hard. This should be practiced outside with a real ball in a large open area. The idea of the Kwik Kik Speed Ball is to unfold in the player a touch for the almost dance-like quality in handling the ball...the ability to handle the soccer ball effectively and with CONFIDENCE.

soccer ball control excersise created for soccer players to enable better overall ball control

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