Strengthens Soccer Muscles
Ankles & Legs 

Kwik Kik Speed Ball strengthens soccer muscles in legs and ankles
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Quick Foot Reaction
Quick foot reaction-strengthens and kickens reaction time for soccer-passing, dribbling, kicking" Lazy Feet" are sometimes a problem with young soccer players. They know what to do but have a hard time relaying that message from the brain to the feet in a quick, effective manner. While nothing can take the place of regular soccer practice, the workout with the Kwik Kik Speed Ball is repetitious and concentrated. A player can work on specific moves and fakes over and over. The more practiced moves the body has stored in its memory banks, the easier these moves will be to perform in actual game play. (without hesitation)
excersices that strengthen soccer muscles and increase agility and strength for your legs and ankles Strengthens Ankles & Legs
The repeated rapping of the feet against the Kwik Kik at various positions actually toughens the tendons and ligaments in the feet. While the legs will gain in strength, this is only a by-product of the Kwik Kik exercise. To gain greater strength and more powerful leg muscles, itis suggested that you purchase a set of light wrap around leg weights.

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